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"Outstanding work of scholarship... the author's book can well be described, to date, as monumental and the last word" 

-       The US National Intelligence Study Center (Espionage and Secrecy)



"Since large-scale bureaucracies now characterize both the private and public economies of both nations [the UK and USA] the differences ought to be, one supposes, explicable on some intellectual basis. That is what the author has attempted to provide in this careful and well-written excursion."


-       Harvard Business History Review (The British Philosophy of Administration)



"This volume marks an important and distinctive departure in studies of administration...The work is both conceptual and historical. Dr. Thomas establishes her ability to handle disparate material very well, and she sensitively presents diverse views, whether or not she agrees with them. This is a scholarly work..."


-       US Business Management and Labor (The British Philosophy of Administration)



"...this volume has been beautifully produced. I imagine that every institution which teaches or discusses ethical issues will need to acquire the full set..."


-       Sir Adrian Cadbury, formerly Chairman, Cadbury Schweppes Plc and the UK Committee on Corporate Governance (Government Ethics)



"...a library of material sufficiently compact to be of practical value in educational programmes for present and future participants in government, whether as politicians or officials."


-       Sir Peter Baldwin, Formerly Deputy Secretary, HM Treasury, Permanent Secretary, UK Department of Transport (Government Ethics)